Gardom’s Edge Revisited

Not a new photograph as such, but a revisit of an old file:

Thinking about my landscape shots, I looked back at the shots from Gardom’s Edge last year, and thought I might be able to improve on the mood of one of the shots, adding more of a touch of mystery.  I think this new version is much improved…


The old version is here at the bottom of this post: Derbyshire Continued

Here is the new version.  Though I can’t do anything at present about the quality of the lens or resolution – original shot with D300 and 18-200VR at 50mm FX equivalent, with a circular polarizer (can’t recall whether Hoya HD or Lee 105mm since I have both) – , I did manage to substantially change the mood of the shot.  For this, I firstly slightly changed the grey-point of the shot to make it slightly less blue.  Then, I darkened the middle slider of the levels control, slightly brightened the light tones, darkened  and added more contrast to the mid-tones (all these using luminosity masks).  Took about 5 mins of editing, but the result is I think a rather more mysterious shot with better contrast between the light greens of the moss and the darker shadows.

Hope you agree with me that this is a cool view!  All I have to do now is to go back again this autumn and shoot it again with my D800E and 50f1.4G!





For cross-reference, here is the original version:



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