Derbyshire Continued

Later on in the day after the trip to Gardom’s Edge, a scenic drive to Bakewell had me stop a couple of times for landscape shots.  I’d visited Arbor Low Henge on the way to Monyash and knew that the surrounding countryside could be fantastic – views of rolling green and drystone walls; I’ve visited in winter before and the snow, and storm clouds rolling in from miles away can produce amazing scenes.  Obviously a warm summer’s day is not the ideal time for any landscape shots, but this was only a scouting mission.  Will have to revisit one early morning in autumn or winter.  Here’s a shot of a photogenic barn nearby, taken from the roadside.


Nikon D300/18-200VR @ 75mm, circular polarizer

ISO 200 1/500 f/8, handheld

cropped for composition

Another shot of the fantastic tree below Gardom’s Edge:


Nikon D300/18-200VR @34mm, polarizer

ISO 200 1″ f/8

Obvious improvements I would expect with a better landscape lens would be far less distortion, and far more sharpness at the edges; options for the D800E need to be good, but the extra resolution and shadow detail should be great also.

But I don’t think this one is half bad!


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