More River Nith Shots

Again, not new shots exactly, but a couple from last year which I’ve reprocessed slightly.  I meant to post these last autumn, but appear not to have done!

So: a couple more shots from the River Nith on the way up north through Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.  I’ll be hoping to head back up in a few weeks, so perhaps there’ll be more shots this year too.


Compositions exactly the same, only difference being the difference in shutter speed (and ISO, of course).


Both shots taken with D800E, 50f/1.4G, with Hitech IR neutral density 1.2 and Lee 105mm circular polarizing filters.


First shot : ISO 250 0.6″ f/7.1

Second shot: ISO 100 1/4″ f/7.1






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