Result! One from Tuesday evening, portrait of Hawk Stone, Oxfordshire.

30.03.21, 7.05pm

Chamonix 810V, Nikkor-M 450mm f/9
Fujichrome Velvia 50
1/4” f/9, 45mm front rise
Lee 0.6 Hard Grad

Bellini E6, Jobo 3005 expert drum on manual roller base
(40ºC waterbath, FD 7’10”)
Epson V850 / Silverfast (original scan 1600dpi for ±180mpx file)

Overall pretty delighted with this. Velvia has enlivened what was a pretty flat sky, and even with that vast expanse of flat colour that showed up all the errors in my processing technique (a few streaks and waves suggesting I do need still to hone my rotation with the jobo drum), the spotting took far longer (too many hairs on my film today, for whatever reason! Have just processed 3 more sheets, this time Portra 160 in Bellini C41. First two in Jobo 3005, third in Stearman Press SP810 tray (sheets 11-12, and sheet 13, of the 16-sheet limit of the Bellini Kit.

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