Broughton Church Door – an attempt at a Velvia-style effect.

For low-contrast close-up scenes with lots of blue tones, it’s quite nice to attempt to enhance the colours by trying a manual emulation of Fuji’s celebrated Velvia 50 slide film.

Here’s a demonstration of what I did with a shot I took last night, almost in the dark (note exposure time).

Nikon D800E / 85PC-E, shifted

ISO 100, 30 seconds, f/11

Camera centred vertical on tripod by using built-in horizon, and then lens shifted down for composition, to ensure parallelism with door – assuming that it’s perfectly vertical.  Seemed to work since no visible signs of unsharp areas in frame.

Here’s the original frame: unprocessed and unsharpened except for downsizing.


Here’s the final version.



Copy of background layer, mode changed to Lab colour, layer not flattened.  Levels adjustment to this layer: a and b pulled in by 40 points at each end.  Layer opacity 40%.

Converted back to RGB, again layer not flattened.

Hue/saturation adjustment layer:

Reds and Yellows +5 saturation.

Colour balance:

-2, -4, +2 across shadows, midtones, and highlights, layer opacity 85%:
to enhance blues and magentas.

Resized and sharpened.


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