Serapias parviflora

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Small-flowered Tongue Orchid

These are less common than some of the other species such as bergonii, but in good Serapias areas they can still be quite numerous.  They are quite distinctive in that the stems are a little shorter than the other species, and most obviously the flowers and bracts are much smaller, with the flower opening about 5mm wide.  You can see this from the photo attached, which is a mildly trimmed full-frame shot taken at nearly 1:1.

This was taken at the Livadaki Beach Site (my Site 4), on 16th April.

Nikon D3S/200f4micro/cpl

ISO 500 1/15 f/18

I turned the ISO up a couple of notches for this one because of the gusty wind; I believe I also stabilized the stem of this one by using a blade of grass wrapped around the stem then attached to a Wimberley plamp.  As far as I can tell, with the D3S there is basically no difference at all in the quality of files from ISO 200 up to ISO 800, so I still had some room to play with.

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