Momentary digression: what will the 2013 season bring?


Reviewing some photos this morning, I was minded to think about the forthcoming butterfly season here in the upper thames area and further afield.  May is generally an interesting time to go searching for some of the rarer UK species such as Duke of Burgundy and the Pearl-Bordered and Marsh Fritillaries; last year I found the former but didn’t go hunting for either of the latter.  Here’s a shot from last year:

Ivinghoe Beacon, 12/05/12

Nikon D3S/200f4micro

ISO 200 1/15 f/22

Technically not quite perfect: could have used a polarizer, and might have considered a short stack to control the background and get more depth on the subject (however, this time last year, I possessed neither a polarizer nor a focusing rack!).

So what will this year produce?

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