Large Format Diaries #16

Setting up the Arca Cube; large-format equipment and tools (more…)


Large Format Diaries


#15. Gear update


A major gear update today: the purchase of a new tripod head (more…)

Large Format Diaries

Large Format Diaries

Large Format Diaries

#12.  Mixing large format and digital.

Some recent experiences shooting large format alongside DSLR have firmed up my impression that this is more difficult than it might at first seem.  One might presume, given that large format is a very different working experience than the convenience and speed of working with digital, that shooting the same scene on both systems side by side wouldn’t cause too many problems.   However, some recent shots, taken on both digital and on large format, have had problems because of the lack of concentration or rather confusion in the thinking required for good practice in either.  Either something goes awry with the large format shot, or with the digital.  Here are my thoughts – others’ experiences may of course differ – but this is intended as an aide memoire to myself and a guide to others. (more…)

Large Format Diaries


A revised digitising setup for 5×4 film.  Previously I did a four frame stitch entirely manually, aligning frames by sight by moving the lightbox  around.   (more…)

Large format Diaries




It’s always fascinating to watch others begin the large format process, now that I’ve been doing it for over a year now, and spent many months avidly following Ben Horne’s YouTube videos before finally biting the bullet myself. Matt Lethbridge has blogged about large format experiences here, and well-known photography YouTuber Thomas Heaton has just started also. (more…)

Down Time

Large Format Diaries

# 9

Benefits of Bellows

Rather a long time since I last wrote a post about my experiences with large format. As you may have seen from the gallery, things have been going rather well. Trips over the last 6 months or so to Glencoe, Wales, and Derbyshire have provided numerous and various opportunities for the growth and development, and enjoyment, of the skills required and insights provided with this very different method of shooting. My plan for this year was to work harder with film, and I estimate that over one third of the successful images I’ve made this year have been on film – that is a pleasing statistic given the radical difference between the speed at which one can work with digital and large format – though the Canon A-1 has had a few outings recently too.

The present post is an introductory explanation of one of the benefits of shooting with a large format camera (or indeed any camera that uses bellows focusing), and an aspect of it that is not very often mentioned.

And some more.

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