More 8×10 Notes




Developed and scanned the other two remaining sheets from my first 8×10 outing, and have the following further observations.


Image 1: Brightwell Barrow, Wittenham Clumps


A test shot, primarily: will want to return when crops are fully grown in any case.


Lens: Nikkor-SW 150 f/8

1/15” f/22

11º down angle on head from level, 1º extra front tilt, rear tilt back to vertical – equates to large amount of front fall and front tilt.


Bit of vignetting to crop out from corners in sky – not very surprising given implied movements.


1) Scanned this one at 2400ppi.  Clear that, for my 15inch MacBook Pro with 16GB Ram, a Grayscale file of at least 1.5GB is too large, esp. if I then convert to RGB for toning.


Two faults that are obvious on screen, if not in detail on ground glass at x4:


f/22 is not sufficient depth of field to provide proper sharpness to tree in background.  I was concentrating more on wind and shutter speed, but f/22 looked fine.



sky almost uniformly grey. Lots of editing in Photoshop including via platinum toning to get sky contrasty.  Should have used my yellow/orange filter, still with my 5×4 kit, or a hard grad.  This former would have heavily affected the shutter speed, of course.  I have to remember that even with B&W, where I want the dark tones in the sky can matter as much as it does with E6 colour slide.


Image 2: Wittenham Clumps (shot from about 15 feet from previous, looking the other direction)




Lens: Nikkor-W 300 f/5.6 – first exposure with this lens, bought off ebay from Japan – basically mint.

½” f/45

10mm front fall, ±2º front tilt, a bit of rear tilt backwards to ‘loom’ foreground even more.


Same problem with filtration though matters less with this one.  Seem to have overexposed it by at least 1 stop (esp. compared with previous image).  No problems with development; scanned at 1600ppi and toned and use of curves/platinum gradient in photoshop to assist darkening and contrast.


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