After the Ritual

Another in my politicized/acculturated landscapes series – a new subset from local walks in the bleakness of autumn/winter farmland, with neither snow nor frost, but mostly fog and mud, for company.
Local fields seem to have been taken over by maize in recent times, a crop which feels rather alien to Oxfordshire and brings to my mind, for whatever reason, horror in popular culture; what is left behind after harvest certainly feels rather more desolate than the usual stubble. Coupled with extreme grain and small format via 135 Delta 3200, the ritual aspect of farming as process seems to take on a much bleaker, far more forboding connotation, helpfully added by ‘Ritual’ being the title of the original novel upon which the Wicker Man was based. Photography as both recording of time and interpretation of space always seems to convey some inbuilt sense of belatedness at odds with the immediacy of its visual appeal.

Leica M3 / 50mm f/2 dual-range summicron 

Ilford Delta 3200 @1600 / 6400

Caffenol C-L/S (80 / 120mins semi-stand)

This third image just a ditch/walkway into the maize fields. But details can be so captivating, and so fascinating to interpret.

Enjoy! (But not too much 😉

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