Large Format Diaries

#2: First Shots


The other week in Derbyshire I managed to get out with the new camera.  The first shots were B&W Delta 100 shots of some substantial trees.  Here’s what seems to be the best of the first batch of shots, correctly exposed and reasonably well “scanned”.




This is a shot of a nice Sweet Chestnut Tree in Rowsley, in Derbyshire, which I’d shot before on digital.

This is a cropped in because of vignetting caused by an overdose of front rise. The second shot, since for the first, where the composition was a little better, I miss-read the lightmeter, and only realized the error after I had packed up the shot.  Amazingly, the shot with an 11 second exposure still came out ok, but the exposure overdose robbed the film of its wonderful tonality.

Early lessons learned: read meter correctly, do not be hasty; vignetting here wasn’t in fact an issue because the crop works; even when you think something major has gone wrong with a shot, get all the sheets processed so you can fully assess.

17/2/16, 11.30am

Linhof Technikardan S45
Nikkor SW75
Ilford Delta 100 (N+1)
1/4″ f/32, 32mm front rise (i.e. too much) and 5mm of rear backward tilt. Processed by Peak Imaging.

The rear tilt was a tip from Jack Dykinga’s book about how to compensate for wide lenses that vignette and don’t have a centre-filter. Seemed to have worked OK, if understood and applied it correctly(!).

Since I don’t (yet) have a film scanner, this was “scanned” with 4 frames shot onto lightbox with D800E and 60mm micro, stitched in CS6.

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