Large Format Diaries


#13. Creative use of Google Earth and angle of view/ lens choices for large format.


I’ve been figuring out a more creative way to use Google Earth for scouting landscape locations and the angle of view for such shots, and figured out a way of doing this, now verified by a couple of tests with known locations and lenses, from super wide angle to normal.


I figured out from trial and error that the angle of view of google earth’s ground-level view, when cropped to 5×4, is about the same as 90mm on large format.


I then found a wide scene that I’d used the artist’s viewfinder app on, and loaded it in photoshop and saved it at 10% opacity.


I can then take screen grabs from Google Earth into photoshop, resize, and then overlay the viewfinder grid.  Obviously no good at all for checking out the foreground, but still useful nonetheless.


Here are some images to illustrate, with some files to show the results.



Wide angle view of Arran from Torr Mor, Bute, with Google Earth view of the scene.

Arran View with Loch na Leighe

Arran View with Loch na Leighe




Google Earth scene of Arran from Dunagoil Bay, Bute, cropped to 5×4, and overlaid with viewfinder grid.  (Ignore the weird double exposure and focus on the grid lines).




Cropped to 150mm grid lines.



Actual 5×4 image made previously at this location, shot at 150mm.

Arran with Lichens

Arran with Lichens


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