Large Format Diaries


A revised digitising setup for 5×4 film.  Previously I did a four frame stitch entirely manually, aligning frames by sight by moving the lightbox  around.  Now a combo of a novoflex rail and perpendicular shift with the 85 pce means that once the lightbox is centred and an exposure set, I move the camera on the rail and shift the lens to create the four frames to stitch, with the camera in 5×4 crop mode.  This reduces the amount of changes that photoshop has to make to blend the files, and also makes the resulting file larger, since the focus distance with the pce lens is now more close than I previously had it.  Files are now slightly over 10,000 pixels on the long side, creating a base file of c. 80 megapixels.  The results speak for themselves, and so far I’m pleasantly surprised that I haven’t been tempted by an Epson flatbed.  You’d probably want one for home digitizing of 8×10 though – can’t quite imagine the effort of stitching 16 5×4 crop DSLR frames together…



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