Backlit Botanicals 2

The latest in the ‘Traces of Botany’ Album series, “explored” today on Flickr.

What I really like about these images is that the polythene seems to “press” the leaves as if in a herbarium, except that it doesn’t prevent the decay, though the moisture of the condensation appears to slow it down. The photograph captures a moment in this process.

Shot with D800E and 85PC-E.  It’s taken me a while to process this shot (or rather shots, since it’s a stitch of 2 vertical frames, to allow a wider view close-up, esp. since I don’t have a normal DSLR lens apart from the 60 micro).  I wondered about entirely removing the detritus – all the black specks – but chose not to in the end: I did do a little bit of retouching, especially around the edges of the frame, but nothing too drastic.  I felt – I think rightly – that the detritus is part of the point, part of the balance between beauty and decay which is essential to the success of these shots and fundamental to their character.  I may, if I have time, do a post on how I went about the processing for this from the raw files to the output.  With a flat RAW file from the D800E, I find there’s a lot of proccessing to do to get it to feel right, especially now that I have got used to comparing my digital output against what large-format film can achieve.

When the time and lighting are right, I MUST shoot these on large format!!




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