Traces of Botany

As featured recently in OnLandscape Magazine (4×4 Subscribers’ Portfolios).

The four images presented here are part of a growing series interpreting and evaluating my emotional connection and reaction to horticultural decay:

images of the relation between botanicals and the glass (or polythene) that controls, contains, or restrains them;

images reflecting my connection with, but also separation from, my ‘roots’.

These images seek out redemptive beauty in decay and the passage of time – the three shots beyond the Kew image that inspired them are details from my parents’ ageing Derbyshire horticultural business.

These images are also the beginnings of an (initially unintentional) response to my first year of shooting more self-consciously through glass with a 5×4 view camera and film. The Kew image was shot on 5×4 Ektar 100, while the others were with a Nikon D800E and 85mm tilt-shift.

Kew Waterlilly House Ektar

Kew Waterlily House Ektar

Backlit Botanicals

Backlit Botanicals

Backlit Botanicals Detail

Backlit Botanicals Detail

Hokusai Glass

Hokusai Glass


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