Early summer doldrums

Very little appears to have happened of late with my photography: extreme amounts of work and little spare time to devote have resulted in no images shot in June at all. But this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking photographically.

First, I’ve been thinking about the trips to Scotland later in the year, one for the family holiday and one for a dedicated photography trip sometime in the autumn. To this end I’ve picked up a few more pieces of equipment: for the large-format gear, a set of grads and a couple of new large format lenses: a Fuji 90 f/5.6 SWD (about 30mm equivalent on 35mm) and a Nikon M 300 f/9 (a really small and lightweight lens for that bit longer reach). The Fuji hopefully can be used without a centre filter on colour slide film (not something I’d really like to try with my Nikkor SW 75).   I’ve also decided to order some more Velvia from Japan (4 more boxes): the current exchange rate seems destined only to get worse in the short term.

I also picked up a cheap 50mm prime for my Canon A-1, so I can use that for some sharper film shots when I don’t feel like 5×4.


A trip to the British Museum in London recently yielded a couple of decent iPhone shots, which I post below.  Processed in CS6.  Please ignore the noise and artefacts and focus on the compositions!








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