Large Format Resources



Since I am beginning my large-format adventure, I thought it would be good to compile a dossier of the things I have found useful, online and elsewhere, that helped me consider my options and learn what I was taking on. I think you’ll agree that this is pretty comprehensive…



Technique-wise, I think the following two are pretty essential reading:

Jack Dykinga, Large Format Nature Photography

Ansel Adams, The Negative


For the creative side of things for landscape and scenic work, I can heartily recommend the following:

Shinzo Maeda, A Tree, A Blade of Grass

David Ward, Landscape Beyond

Guy Tal, More than a Rock

Minor White, Manifestations of the Spirit (a new overview)

Anything by or about Edward Weston

Anything by Hans Strand

Anything by Edward Burtynski



I’m also very interested to acquire a copy of Chris Bell, Tasmania: Primal Places


Online magazines and forums:

A subscription to – some of the video content is worth the price of admission alone in my view. and the related forum.

Lots of stuff on technique here.



Subscriptions to the channels by Ben Horne and Alan Brock:


UK shops for equipment (new and second-hand; cf. also the film photography forums) and processing (* = have used and can recommend; ** = have visited the shop and can recommend a visit, though keep firm control over your wallet!):











Other webpages I have bookmarked


Large-format Lenses:


Large-format Cameras:


Large-format Technique:×5-large-format-photography/×5-large-format-photography-part-3/×5-large-format-photography-pt-2/

Film diaries: losing my large format virginity×5)_Camera_Operating_Guide

4×5″ Film Holders – Intro and Use×5-camera/


Large-format Photographers online:


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