New Sharpening Routines

(for D800E with no ACR capture sharpening)

Edge Sharpening (at original size before outputting)

Duplicate Green channel,

rename as Edge Mask

Stylize-> Find Edges

Noise -> Median Filter, size 3

Image -> Adjustments -> Levels to darken the edges: something like 150, 1.0, 245? (just inside the lefthand edge of the arc)

Gaussian Blur 2 pixels


Apply to new layer (luminosity), opacity 66%

USM 500/1.0/0

adjust layer opacity to taste.

[Optional: add another layer of masked-in USM 500/1.0/0 for areas that require special attention]

Combo USM/High Pass for final output sharpening once pre-sharpened images have been resized for output, for printing or for web

Flatten image and resize to output.

New layer with opacity 66%, USM 100/1.0/4

Edit–>Fade 50% (Luminosity)  (65% for 1200pix)


High Pass radius 2 (or 0.5 for web)

check at 50% (or 100% for web) and alter layer opacity to suit (100% for fine detail macro 1200px, layer duplicated even, up to 2x + 1@66%)

This works very well and leaves far fewer processing artefacts than my previous routines. It is, of course, quite involved and requires quite a bit of Photoshop knowledge.

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