Late Summer Updates

Please see here for a trip report for my July visit to northern Greece for butterflies.

In the meantime, I’ve had a few opportunities to take some nice shots. A family holiday to Scotland enabled me to take some closeup shots at the coast; I also had a solo opportunity to visit the lake district for two very enjoyable days on the way back.  These are some of my favourite shots, technically and artistically some of my accomplished shots to date, so I’m really delighted with this work.

Interestingly I didn’t feel particularly tempted to try any wider-angle vista-type shots this summer. Here I definitely feel that closeup abstraction/detail shots are where I’m going at the moment – getting the 85 tilt-shift at the end of last year has been a bit of a game-changer, and I’m even beginning to contemplate moving up to large format film for this kind of shooting.

Here are a range of shots I’ve taken over the last few months, pretty much all, I think, taken with the 85 PC-E.

Dalt Quarry with Rowan


Newlands Beck


Boatyard Detail (1), Isle of Bute


Boatyard Detail (2), Isle of Bute


Rhubodach, Isle of Bute


Bracken and Oolite Limestone, Hook Norton


Hawthorn Leaf on Oolite Limestone, Hook Norton


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