Samos Revisited – Orchis sancta

A re-edit to a larger size of a shot from my trip back in April 2013 (the very start of this blog): I spent two weeks on the Greek island of Samos hunting orchids. Great memories!




Here are my notes for the image:


‘Livadaki Beach Track, Agia Paraskevi, north-east Samos


The first plant with flowers open out of hundreds seen in bud.  Very windy on the coast today, so used plamp to stabilize the flower stalk a little (with a blade of grass in the jaws wrapped around the stem), and waited patiently for the stem to stop vibrating…


Getting the white balance right with these red, pink, and purple-coloured orchids is tricky; petals “cherry-red”.’


Nikon D3S/200f4micro/cpl

ISO 200 1/80 f/9


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