More from the editing suite

While I may have a little more time on my hands for the next few weeks, I still haven’t had time to venture out for any more shooting. However, I have had a little time to devote to editing some shots from the Christmas break and the trip to Padley Gorge/Bolehill Quarry; perhaps I’ll be back there at Easter.


I’m pleased to report that the first and second of these found their way into Ming Thein’s reader portfolio on Flickr. I’m currently on about a 60% hit-rate with my submissions there, so not too bad!



Lichens/Shadows/Snow (Birchen Edge, Derbyshire)




Nikon D800E/85PC-E

ISO 100 1/30 f/16


Quite pleased with this one: I originally composed for 5×4 vertical, but couldn’t make it work. So I left it for a few months, and cropped to 16:9 vertical, cropping in from the left, and the comp flows much much better. I also re-edited the contrast and colour balance to create more of an illusion of depth in the shadows. Though I don’t have any notes, I suspect there was a little tilt involved here, even with f/16.



Bolehill Wall B&W




Nikon D800E/70-200f4VR/Lee 105Cpl

@112mm, ISO 100 1/4″ f/16



Echeveria Detail B&W




Nikon D800E/85PC-E

ISO 100 1/5 f/11





2 thoughts on “More from the editing suite

  1. Although they are all quite good, I liked the Bolehill Wall and the Echeveria Detail the most. They are quite different from each other in terms of structure yet possess similarities, like the texture, strong lines, and the play of light and dark. Very nicely done.


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