2015 Greece Trip Photo Gear

I’ve now booked my trip to Northern Greece for late June/early July.  I’ll be splitting my time between photography and learning modern Greek (something which I’ve been intending to do for some years but never got around to properly).

While the luggage allowance is quite generous, I still need to think about what to take.

On this occasion, particularly now that I’ve sold my D3S, I have decided not to take a spare body with me (or at least I might take my D300 just for birds), so I’m thinking of purchasing a suitable high-quality pocket camera as a backup (e.g. Sony RX100 mk 3 or similar). The trip will be for higher altitude butterflies (1000m and above) and will involve some mountain walking, but most locations should be reachable by 4×4. I may also try some closeup scenic shots too, so will probably take the PC-E and filters also. In Greece for butterflies, I take a tripod with me, but the majority of the shooting will be handheld with balanced flash because the subjects will generally be very active (there’s only been one occasion in the last few years where I’ve ever managed to find a butterfly asleep in Greece!)

For those of you who are particularly interested in the butterflies, I also attach a checklist for what I hope to be searching for… (species in bold will be Greek lifers for me).  From a UK perspective this list is pretty vast (about 3 times as many species as the UK has in total!!!)


Here’s what I’m contemplating re. hand luggage, at least at the moment.  Other paraphernalia (tripod and head, wimberley flash bracket, etc.) will be in the suitcase.

Thinktank Shapeshifter and Billingham Hadley Pro?

Nikon D800E, D300?, 60f2.8 micro, 85PC-E, 200f4 micro, 300f4, 1.4TC, 11 compact flash cards, camera chargers, SB600 flash, sync cord and softbox, spare camera batteries, cleaning cloth, rocket blower, cable release, empty beanbag, kenko extension tubes, Garmin 62ST GPS & cable, 15” Apple Macbook Pro laptop & charger, card reader & cable for compact flash cards, 2 continental europe plug adaptors, 2 Optech rainsleeves, spare flash bracket, filters

On person: Binoculars, sunglasses, 1 butterfly guide, portable hard drive, mobile and charger, pocket camera and charger?, maps


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