What will 2015 bring?


As usual at the beginning of the year, people make resolutions, or at least predictions, about what they hope to be doing during the year; with photography things are no different. If I look back to this time last year, I didn’t make any specific predictions or resolutions, but I was planning a couple of overseas trips. One of these happened: our successful family birding holiday to Lesvos in April; the other one didn’t – though I was hoping to visit Greece again, for a specific trip for butterflies, family commitments meant a trip to Scotland instead (not a hardship!).


This year, I’m going to try to make good with my trip to Greece for butterflies – a follow-up to a very successful trip in July 2012 to southern Greece (see over on ukbutterflies.co.uk for my (very!) detailed trip-report here.

I’m planning a trip to the north-west corner of Greece and its surrounding mountains, where I will be using a jeep to explore various alpine habitats between about 1000m and 2200m above sea level – a proper natural history outing!


What this means is that I’m going to be self-conscious about divergent trends in my photography – a recognition of the disjunction between nature photography as documentation (what I will be doing photographing Greek butterflies, for instance), and my interest in a (relatively) more experimental focus on textures, abstracts, and close-up scenes. Obviously I don’t mind if I stumble across shots that work both ways in some ways, though with butterflies in summer light I’m not going to get too het up about not getting ideal shooting conditions – here the focus should be the enjoyment of being in the field and having the wonderful opportunity to document anything I find.


Here are some illustrative images from my trip in 2012 (all shot handheld with Nikon D3S and balanced flash).


RABnewACR71200 LesserFieryCopperMaNew800 GrecianAnomalousBlueC1200 RipartsAnomalousBlue800 PonticBluenoexif Cardinal800 GlanvilleFritillaryC800 ScarceSwallowtail800 GreatSootySatyrMa800 BMWhiteC800




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