Images of the Year Countdown: 1


So, here it is, my favourite shot of this year. Interestingly, it’s not technically a macro image, although it is an intimate scenic view. Taken back in the summer on a family holiday to Scotland; I went out one evening to explore Culzean Bay in Ayrshire. My intention was to take wide views of the beach and sea, but the sky and waves were so flat that nothing really came off. In the end, I explored the top of the beach, where Sycamore trees had shed leaves onto the beach. I recently re-edited this shot to a 4×5 crop to emphasize the details even more. As you can see, it was really quite dark when I took the shot, but this really adds to the mysterious feel as well as the tonal contrast.


Culzean Shore Leaves and Pebbles




Nikon D800E/50f1.4G

ISO 250 3seconds f/11




So there it is. Hopefully I’ll have some more posts soon to show some more recent shots.


Many thanks!



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