Images of the Year Countdown: 5, 4, and 3


  1. Fern, Treestump, Bluebells




D800E/50f1.4F/Lee 105cpl


A shot from one of my favourite spots in Bernwood Forest near Oxford: great for Bluebells in spring; Beech leaves, Birch trees, and fungi in autumn.


This is a shot I’ve had a few goes at processing, to get the colour balance right. My latest effort is probably the best. I’m really getting into these quiet intimate scenic views.  It would be quite interesting to see whether use of my new tilt-shift would have enabled depth of field through the whole scene.



  1. Bernwood Forest ICM






A shot taken in the same general location as 5, only a week or so ago.



  1. Et in Arcadia Ego (B&W)




D800E/Zeiss 21mm

Focus blend of 4 frames, and one manual luminosity blend for sky

converted to B&W using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2


Technically this is a cheat since the original was shot last year (at St.Blane’s Church, Isle of Bute, Scotland, overlooking the Isle of Arran). But the original image, with too much green and too little detail in the sky, paled into insignificance once compared with this more recent B&W treatment. A framed A4 print of this sits on my wife’s desk at work, and she tells me it frequently draws admiring glances.

First of all, aren’t Zeiss lenses just fantastic?  Second, I’m really pleased with the dynamic flow of perspectives through this image, and the overall balance, which the B&W treatment allows the eye to concentrate on.  There’s also a suggestion of something rather numinous about the clouds in conjunction with the setting.





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