Images of the Year Countdown: 10 & 9

  1. Two-tone Moss




Nikon D800E/85PC-E


Another very recent image, which sneaks in. Though perhaps not the most visually enticing image, it does at least start to capture my current feelings about what I want to convey. It has a quiet simplicity, and also a little bit of a sense of mystery: Why is the moss two colours? What is the context? It’s also a personal favourite because I managed to convey this via good technique (a tilted lens in combination with focus-stacking for correct plane of focus and depth of field).



  1. Large Blue




Nikon D800E/200f4micro/CPL/SB600+softbox, handheld


A shot I was not sure I’d get this year. This is one of the UK’s rarest butterflies, and this was my first ever visit to a possible site for them, over in Gloucestershire. I’d heard that the best-known site near Glastonbury was very poor for these this year, so I’m pleased I found some. Next year I’ll go back and try for some upperside shots.




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