Images of 2014

In the next few posts I’m going to do a countdown of what I think are my top 10 images of the year, as selected from the 57 images already in my ‘Best of 2014’ Flickr album here.


Before I provide a top ten, here are 3 that I’ve selected as near-misses: two macro shots of butterflies (there were others I could have chosen, in fact), and one more recent experiment.



Long-tailed Blue




Nikon D800E/200f4micro/SB600 handheld

Shot on holiday in Lesvos (Greece) back in April. This is a lovely illustrative photograph of an egg-laying female, and you can in fact see a couple of the glistening blue eggs on the Broom stems.

It doesn’t quite get a higher ranking because the subject itself isn’t quite in pristine condition.







Nikon D800E/200f4micro/SB600 handheld


My first successful shot of a Brimstone in flight, showing off the uppers of the wings which are otherwise impossible to see. Again, this shot doesn’t go higher in my list because the photograph is cropped, and again it is simply illustrative – though this shot does reveal an aspect of the butterfly that is otherwise very difficult to see.







Nikon D800E/85PC-E/Lee Big Stopper


A much more recent photograph, taken with 85mm tilt-shift and Lee Big Stopper to create an interesting interaction between sharp plane of focus and motion blur in the water. White I love the energy and dynamism in this shot, which you can study and enjoy for quite a while, I’m still not 100% happy about the composition. The square crop is one I’m happy with, but I think perhaps the lower twigs could be positioned slightly differently in the frame. Not sure, really! Anyway, a salutary photograph to encourage me to experiment, and work with the energy and flow that makes the best landscape photographs work best.


Hope you enjoy! I’ll be starting with the top 10 shortly.




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