Bodicote Churchyard

I had fun today testing my other new lens – Nikon 70-200f4 VR. I bought this primarily for landscape work with my D800E, but the focal length makes it suitable for a wide range of other uses also.

I took it out handheld for a walk so I was interested to see what I would feel drawn towards; the enclosed spaces of a village meant that I wasn’t going to end up using it for landscapes at all, but the flexibility of the zoom (my only other zoom now is a venerable 18-200VR which I occasionally still use on my equally venerable D300) was what struck me. It seems like I’ll use it quite a lot when I’m not sure what I’ll encounter, as well as when I can’t be bothered to carry a tripod with me.

I’ve known for a while that this is a lens that works superbly well on the latest Nikon bodies, handheld and tripod-mounted (though I didn’t buy the useless lens foot, opting instead to mount it on a tripod via my L-bracket). What I discovered was that I was naturally drawn to macro-style subjects, or at least the smaller-scale scenes that I like taking; it handled these very well, though without a tripod the biggest challenge was going to be framing and composition, and getting a sharp plane of focus across my subjects.

I ended up in Bodicote churchyard, having reminded myself of the interest lichens present there; I shot a number of these, with a variety of success. While this lens will never replace any of my dedicated macro lenses, it performed very well, and allowing for a compositional flexibility which I wouldn’t have managed without changing lenses otherwise, if at all. I also found that I used a wide range of focal lengths. Here are a few fun shots from an hour’s walkabout…


Entrance to the Vault


B&W for full Gothic effect…

(Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, modified Full Dynamic Range)

@78mm, ISO 1250 1/200 f/7.1


Life and Death – Ivy and Lichens on a Gravestone


@86mm, ISO 800 1/320 f/7.1


Jackson Pollock Lichens


@86mm, ISO 800 1/320 f/7.1

(here you can see that framing the shot for perfect planar alignment was I challenge I failed at! The composition and shot is cool though, so I will try to revisit with a bag of macros and a tripod J )


Lichen Details


@200mm, ISO 400 1/200 f/7.1


Finally, another different image again, at a focal length previously unavailable to me:

Nettles and Leaves


@112mm, ISO 2500 1/250 f/7.1

Hope you like these!



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