Some recent shots, and a couple of new lenses…

Here are some recent shots from the previous few days – some heavy frost in the cold back garden produced some nice enough leaves images.

In other news, I finally (and rather sadly, since I did love it so much, but it has rather run out of Mpx for the work I like to do now) traded in my Nikon D3S and picked up a couple of exciting new lenses: an 85 PC-E tilt-shift (for landscapes as well as close-up work) and a 70-200f4 (for landscapes). I’ve yet to try out the latter, but have a test shot from the former as I begin to put it through its paces (or rather: get my own head around the things it can do that my other lenses can’t).

So: three shots of leaves and frost, and a test shot with the tilt-shift.

Leaves and frost (4×5 crop)


Nikon D800E/60f2.8

ISO 125 0.4” f/16

Horizontal DX crop, cropped to 4×5 vertical

Stack of 9 frames

– not bad, though I would have preferred to have *all* the bits of ice in the shot in focus (i.e. should have been extra-vigilant and started the stack 1 or 2 mm further out)

Frosted Beech Leaf


Camera/lens as above, ISO 800 (why??) 1/20 f/16

Frosted Leaf and Grass


Camera/lens as above, ISO 800 (again, why??) 1/20 f/16

White Lily Detail: 85 f/2.8 PC-E test-shot


One of a number of tests I tried out in my kitchen with a bag of flowers from the supermarket. Sorry about the dodgy lighting, but that’s not really the point. This shot was a test of tilts and shifts at the same time (I have the lens in default factory configuration, and may leave it like that depending on how I feel about using shifts for panos; compositional changes are a bit of a pain, but a geared head and focusing rack make things easier).

ISO 1000 0.5 f/16
Tilt +8, + Shifts of +10 each way left and right for pano, three vertical frames merged, then cropped.

Plane of focus here moving at an oblique angle across tops of stamens; enough depth of field at f/16 to include top of stigma. Worked pretty well, and clearly not an effect I could have got with my other macro gear, even with lots of focus stacking.

Hopefully lots more interesting shots to come in future, then…


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