Garden and Garden Centre  

Some shots from yesterday – first, from our small back garden, and then from the local garden centre.


For all shots I’ve taken this weekend so far, I’ve been working with my 60 f2.8 macro lens; you can just about use it handheld on the D800E without flash, and it works with extension tubes more ergonomically than my 200f4. It’s also rather less conspicuous when you are out and about in more populated areas, especially without a flash gun and softbox on a bracket.


The first two shots are from the garden; the last two from the garden centre.



 Dead Nettle Shield Bug

ISO 100 1/15 f/16

36mm extension; tripod; nettle stem supported on plamp on second tripod. Subject is about 5mm in length




Mint Moth, Pyrausta aurata

Stack of 4 frames

36mm extension

ISO 400 1/400 f/7.1 handheld

These guys are very small, about the size of a fingernail.  You cannot see the scales with the naked eye.




Anemone with beetle

36mm extension

ISO 640 1/160 f/7.1





Cosmos flower

36mm extension

ISO 640 1/320 f/5.6


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