A change of scene…  

A visit to the local motor museum (Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon) today with my young son in tow, and me with my D800E and 60mm macro.



Nikon D800E/60f2.8 AF-S micro

ISO 2500 1/80 f/4


Challenges: High ISOs and handheld shooting with no flash (highly reflective surfaces with no chance of diffusion); hunting down those compositions.  I think I ended up taking all the shots at f/4 to maximize the light, and try to make a virtue of any resultant out-of-focus areas in the shot.


Opportunities: loads of wonderful cars and trucks with lots of great colours and details to capture.


What I appreciate the more I take macro shots is that composition is so much about what not to include in the frame. What this also means is that you have to pay real attention to the boundaries of your frames.


Shooting handheld this way is not easy, especially if the light is marginal, as it tends to be in an indoor museum setting with artificial lights; this is why shooting with a tripod is in some ways easier.


I’ve visited the museum a few times so know what might be good to shoot, but I was still looking for those small-scale balanced compositions. A cramped museum like this is no place to attempt decent overall shots of individual vehicles.


I took about 15-20 shots, and given that I feel happy with more than half of them, I’d say the trip was a success. The little boy had a great time as well!


Here are a selection of other shots:



ISO 1250 1/100 f/4



ISO 2500 1/160 f/4



ISO 2500 1/80 f/4



ISO 2500 1/80 f/4




ISO 2500 1/80 f/4



Detail from Land Rover Series 1 Prototype

ISO 2500 1/100 f/4


Austin Mini Interior Detail

ISO 2500 1/125 f/4



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