Echinopsis Flowers

On a visit to my parents’, I had in mind to get some shots of Echinopsis flowers, especially since I didn’t take any last summer and I’ve had the D800E for over a year.  These cacti have been flowering on and off for the last month or so; I managed to find a couple of plants in flower on this visit, and took the opportunity for a small variety of stacked shots of the flowers.


Depth of field here is generally very large for macro – with the pink flower it’s over 2 cm – that doesn’t sound much but it is pretty massive for macro close to minimum focusing distance.  That’s the reason for focus-stacking.  With my previous D3S I’d stack as stopped down as f/16 but with the D800E I would say that f/14 would be as far as I’d take it to minimize the risk of too much diffraction.


Both these shots taken with 200f4 micro and cpl on Novoflex Castel-L rack for accurate stacking, using my usual depth of field table; a neutral white-balance reading was taken inside the greenhouse first, to apply in ACR if required.  I in fact left the pink flower shot unadjusted, but the x ‘Tango’ shot was toned down somewhat – it’s very tricky otherwise to get accurate reds you are happy with.


Unnamed pink Echinopsis hybrid




ISO 100 1/15 f/14

Stack of 8 frames


Echinopsis x ‘Tango’




ISO 100 1/30 f/8

Stack of 7 frames



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