Culzean Bay at Dusk – intimate textural shots

On my way back up the beach I started to notice the interesting pebbles at the high tide line at the back of the beech, and the fallen leaves under the trees.  Here the light levels were very low indeed, but motionless subjects allowed for long shutter speeds.  I then also took some shots of seaweed on the beach.


Here are some of the shots; I think much the best of these are the first, with its red sycamore leaves, and the third, with its blue tones and the curving twig in the centre.  I also like the fourth: the seaweed has the weird look of a rabbit leaping in the air!


Again, all shots taken with Nikon 50f/1.4G

In the failing light judging focus and exposure was really rather tricky.  I used manual focus judging by eye, and spot-metered for the darkest areas in the shot, underexposing them by 3 full stops, working with the excellent dynamic range of the D800E.  In the end most of these shots didn’t need much processing, though I changed the white-balance to daylight in ACR to warm things up just a little bit.



Leaves and Pebbles




ISO 250 3” f/11



Pebbles, Leaves, and Stone




ISO 250 4” f/11



Blue Pebbles, Leaves, Twig




ISO 100 15” f/7.1



Seaweed and Limpet




ISO 100 6” f/11






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