Small Pearls!


After a long break away from photography thanks to work, I took a morning trip yesterday down to Bentley Wood near Salisbury for the special Fritillaries there.  Last year I went down on 19th May and only saw 1 Pearl-bordered Fritillary during a few hours.  This time around I set off very early (5:15am) to arrive on site just before 7am, in the hope of finding some roosting.  On arrival there were a couple already photographing one Small Pearl-bordered (they were local and had cased out the roost the evening before, making it easier to find them in the morning).  I stayed for a couple of hours, finding 4 roosting in total.  The rain started at 9am (and didn’t really stop all day!); so four Small Pearl-bordered (Boloria selene) and no Pearl-bordered (euphrosyne) on this occasion!  I was more than delighted with my opportunities, and all perches were different, allowing for different amounts of dew and different compositions.  I hope you enjoy the shots below!


All taken with D800E/200f4micro/cpl on Gitzo 3540LS/Manfrotto 410 geared head / Novoflex Castel-L macro slider.  Technically I didn’t need to use the Novoflex, but it makes changing composition so much easier – you can ‘zoom out’ for a different composition much more quickly and conveniently than moving the tripod, esp. when the tripod is in a tricky position which might disturb your subject or composition if moved abruptly.


I think you’ll agree that the last two shots are the best!


ISO 100 1/4″ f/13





ISO 100 0.6” f/18



ISO 100 1/5” f/13 with onboard fill-flash at -1.3EV



ISO 100 0.4” f/14



Thanks for looking!


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