A note on image file annotations

I thought it might be interesting to see how I name all my image files.


My formula is as follows: Name of subject+location code+reflectors and stacking (if any)+image dimensions


Location code:  e.g. BF = Bernwood Forest

SR = Silver Reflector

GR = Gold Reflector



Image Dimensions, e.g. 1200 or 1024 for jpegs saved for web, or FS (full-size)


Since all cacti and succulents are shot at my parents’ I need no location code for these.


Here’s an example with a recent shots:




All raw files are saved in folders by year and month; tif files and jpegs are saved separately in folder hierarchies zooming in onto type of subject, as in the following example:



D300/D3S/D800E Pictures


subdivided into e.g. Butterflies (then subdivided into Lycaenidae etc.), Flowers and Plants (then subdivided into e.g. Cacti & Succulents,  Orchids, UK Wildflowers), Birds by Habitat (also further subdivided).


With butterflies, there are additional codes for locations which correspond to a separate butterflies sightings diary which I keep.  For overseas butterflies photographs, I tend to geotag these for recording altitude as well, so there is a lot more information for these shots than for others.


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