Bernwood Anemones and Bluebells

With apologies for the delay in postings, the family have just returned from a trip to the Greek island of Lesvos for a holiday and a spot of birding; I’ll have one or two representative shots to post from the trip.  Meanwhile, here are some shots I made from a trip to Bernwood Forest on our return.  In Greece there weren’t, sadly, that many macro opportunities for Orchids since the season for flora was running at least 2 weeks earlier than usual.  I did however manage some nice floral shots from Bernwood, and below is a selection.


The Bluebells were looking nice, though some were a little past their best; I was delighted to find some Wood Anemones, however, and in some of the shots, the Bluebells made a nice contrasting background.  There is also an interesting non-macro.

All shots except the last were taken with D800E and 200f4 micro with cpl.  The last was taken with 50f/1.4 and Lee 105cpl.



Wood Anemone and Blubells (1)




ISO 100 1/50 f/4.2


Wood Anemone and Blubells (2)




ISO 100 1/50 f/4.2

This is another of the same, processed differently.  I think I prefer this second shot for its lighter airier feel, but there isn’t a lot in it.


Wood Anemone and Friend




ISO 100 1/20 f/11


Fern, Treestump, Bluebells




ISO 100 1/6 f/11


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