Trips to Greece…

The family are shortly to depart on an Easter trip to Greece, so hopefully more posts will be forthcoming detailing what we see…


Meanwhile, I’m also researching a summer trip to Northern Greece, on a hunt for some special butterflies.  I’ve now found a new guide to Greece, available in full online:
Though this is obviously a birdwatching guide aimed at birders primarily, it includes the most detailed natural historical information I know of for some of the most remote and interesting parts of Greece for butterfly fans, and has maps and info on access, roads, and possible places to stay. The areas of coverage I have found most interesting so far are as follows, for Northern Greece in particular:

Northern Greece:
Central Rodopi mountains
Lake Kerkini, Mount Beles and Mount Krousia
Voras, Tzerna and Pinovo mountains
Prespa lakes and Varnountas mountains
Tymfi and Smolikas mountains
Mount Olympos

So perhaps worth a look for anyone planning a butterflying trip to Greece. Makes for some interesting daydreaming and pleasant research!


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