Textures of Lily

Just spent a nice hour in my kitchen this evening shooting some ornamental pink lilies in a vase.


I took over 30 frames during the time, exploring lots of angles and details while all the time trying not to get pollen on the camera or lens!


I’m pretty pleased with the results, though lighting was a bit tricky and I played safe with the exposure, producing a tendency to underexpose the shots.  However, I recovered these in ACR quite successfully.  White balance came out better than expected; I shot in the daylight setting, which had the effect of turning the pinks orange, but I used the trusty camera-bag insert to take a white-balance reading in ACR and all came back to normal again.


Here are 4 of the shots that worked out well.  All shots were taken with D800E plus 60f2.8 micro and circular polarizer.


Lily Stigma




cropped horizontal from DX-crop

ISO 200 1/6 f/3.8



Lily Textures 1




4×5 crop

ISO 200 1.3″ f/13



Lily Textures 2





ISO 200 1/5 f/4



Lily Textures 3




4×5 crop

ISO 200 4″ f/16


Thanks for taking the time to have a look!


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