Details of Hyacinth

I feel as though the grim rain of winter may be finally on the way out, and that spring is on the way!

If I could have been bothered to get up early, I might have managed some shots of the crocuses flowering in the front garden amid some light frost.  As it is, I had to put up with some close-up shots of hyacinth flowers indoors.

I shot these with the 60f2.8 again, finally deciding to crop rather than use extension tubes.  I find that if you chose your focus-point very carefully in Live View and shoot in FX, you then have a range of options of how to crop for composition in Photoshop.

So just a couple of shots, but hopefully I’ll have the chance to find some wild subjects outdoors again soon.  With both of these, a correct white-balance was carefully determined; basic levels and curves adjustments, plus selective sharpening.

First shot:

Nikon D800E/60f2.8/cpl

ISO 200 1” f/11


Second shot:

Nikon D800E/60f2.8/cpl

ISO 200 2.5” f/16



Update: this last shot has just received an Editor’s Pick on


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