Top Butterflies, 7-5

7. Silver-washed Fritillary – Argynnis paphia




Another from Bernwood Forest in July

Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl/SB600+softbox

ISO 400 1/250 f/16 handheld


6. Large Skipper – Ochlodes sylvanus




Bernwood Forest in June

Nikon D800E/200f4micro/SB600+softbox

ISO 640 1/250 f/16 handheld


5. Peacock – Inachis io




Parsonage Moor BBOWT NR, Oxfordshire, August

This one with the D3S, and the 300mm with a tube – setup for dragonflies.  Ended up shooting far more butterflies than dragons then!


Nikon D3S/300f4/36mm extension

ISO 1000 1/640 f/8 handheld


All these go to show that with the right equipment – whether with flash or not – handheld butterfly shots are possible!


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