More Bernwood Fungi

After an incredibly busy few months away from photography, I finally managed a few shots during a trip to Bernwood forest again, yesterday afternoon in search of more fungi.

I’m planning to spend some time trying to improve my technique with these subjects, especially in terms of lighting.  I want to try to experiment with and master different lighting effects, especially flash, to produce some new effects, perhaps with water droplets, which add an extra dynamic to these otherwise still-life images, which are mainly reliant upon a sense of colour, texture, and fine detail.  On this outing I came to realize my own inadequacies with flash technique, so will definitely have to work on this.

It seems that on trips to Bernwood I also have to contend with mushroom-collectors; although I am by no means an expert on identification, it seems that others are rather more confident: one chap I saw had a large carrier-bag full of them.  I didn’t find all that many myself, so perhaps this is why…

I ended up taking only a couple of shots of two different species: the small but brightly-coloured Stagshorn, and the browny orange medium sized stems of what I believe is Deceiver.  One thing to be very careful with with fungi shots that I have come to appreciate is getting the exposure right.  I don’t think I would even try these kinds of shots without a polarizer, and even then the brightness of the colours can have a strange effect on the camera’s metering – pretty much essential to check highlights and histograms all the time.  Thankfully the woodland lighting was relatively constant, so I didn’t have too much of a tricky job of getting consistent results even with stacking.

Details of the shots below:


Stagshorn – Calocera viscosa

Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl

ISO 100 0.4″ f/11


Deceiver – Laccaria laccata

Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl

Silver reflector

Stack of 4 frames

ISO 100 0.8″ f/13


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