Bernwood: Forest & Fungi

In full knowledge that my work is going to be very busy indeed throughout October and November and that consequently my photographic opportunities will be pretty limited in the months ahead, I decided to head to Bernwood Forest one morning recently to see if I could find any early autumn fungi and woodland scenes to photograph.  The weather was overcast with a thick blanket of fog first thing, and both of these conditions are ideal for me for woodland photography, allowing for even lighting and nice natural saturation of colours.

I found some nice fungi to shoot, as well as one or two good opportunities and locations for landscape-style shots of the trees themselves; I took my macro gear as my principal focus, but also carried with me in a large coat my 50/1.4G, my Zeiss 21, and a Lee 105 polarizer.

Below are a few shots from the outing.

Common Puffball


Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl

Stack of 5 frames
ISO 100 1/10 f/8

I quite like the way the low subject angle I managed for this shot defamiliarizes the viewer from the real size of the subject.

Coral Fungus


Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl

Stack of 7 frames
ISO 100 1/10 f/6.3

Sulphur Tuft


Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl

Stack of 3 frames

ISO 100 1/10 f/8

These were pretty common, but actually quite tricky to find a nice clump in a clean context.

Beech Leaves and Birch Bark


Nikon D800E / 50f1.4G / Lee 105mm CPL

ISO 100 1.6″ f/7.1

One of a number of shots I tried out with the non-macro lenses in a part of the forest comprised of beech trees.  This one is with the leaves as found, with no subject manipulation by me whatever.


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