Ceropegia distincta subsp. haygarthii Flowers


Another fascinating succulent species from the botanical menagerie that is my parents’ conservatory!  There’s something new to photograph every time I visit, it seems.  The principal flower in these shots is about an inch or so tall.




Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl

Stack of 7 frames
ISO 100 1/15 f/8

Ceropegia is genus of smallish vine-like shade-loving succulent plants with fascinating tubular flowers; this particular subspecies was first described in 1958 from South Africa, and is distributed in ‘mainly subtropical parts of eastern Transvaal passing through Zululand and Natal and even extend[ing] further into the eastern Cape in the Stockenstroom district’.

[Source: R. Allen Dyer (1983), Ceropegia, Brachystelma and Riocreuxia in Southern Africa (A. A. Balkema), pg. 169.]




Stack of 7 frames

ISO 100 0.5″ f/13


See the next post for thoughts about macro technique for this kind of shot among others; I’m pleased to say that the first of these shots was awarded an Editor’s Pick on www.naturescapes.net.


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