Scotland and autumn

Apologies for a lack of activity here in many days – the Scottish holiday was very good, and produced one or two good photographic opportunities, and I will post some below.  Autumn is ahead, and a very busy time work-wise; but I will attempt to keep my blog updated when I can.  Cheers!

First of all, here is a shot of a typical seaside view from the Isle of Bute, looking South West to Arran in the distance.  In many of these landscape shots I was experimenting with landscape lenses and filters, so things are often not perfect but I was glad for the opportunity to practice, including with post-processing.


Nikon D800E / 50f1.4G / Lee 105 cpl

Focus stack of 3 frames, ISO 100 1/5 f/7.1

+ manual luminosity blend for sea, mountains, and sky at 2.5″ taken a little later.

Taken about 20+ mins after sunset

This shot is not technically perfect, and I think the light could have been a little better. Technically, I needed one more frame for equally sharp detail 1/3 up from the bottom to maximize sharpness throughout the frame, though this isn’t a huge distraction at this size.


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