Great Coxwell Barn – The Medieval Cathedral to Crops

This place is phenomenal.  An absolute photographic treasuretrove of colours, textures, and geometry.  I spent 30mins or so here today, but could have spent hours.

Great Coxwell Barn, near Faringdon in Oxfordshire, is an amazing survivor of medieval English gothic architecture, with the most incredible timber roof you’ll ever see anywhere.

Built shortly after 1300 as a barn for storing crops on a monastic farm, its internal ground measurements are 144 x 38 feet. It’s now owned by the National Trust.

According to their information, it is “a tremendously impressive witness to the great age of Gothic carpentry, and of monastic opulence.”
The influential victorian designer William Morris, who lived nearby, described it as “unapproachable in its dignity, as beautiful as a cathedral, yet with no ostentation of the builder’s art.”  More info @

Since the weather today was hot and sunny and I visited after lunchtime, I have no exterior shots; but  hopefully some of my photographs of the interior will do it justice!  The advantage of the bright light outside meant that the dark interior was actually reasonably well lit (no artificial lighting here whatever).

Roof geometry detail



Nikon D800E / 50f1.4G

ISO 100 1″ f/7.1, tripod

Full frame shot carefully cropped slightly for composition


Pillar and roof detail


ISO 100 1/4 f/7.1, tripod


End to end


ISO 100 f/7.1, tripod

manual blend of three exposures
@ 1/3, 1/6 and 1/60


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