The King’s Men Stone Circle, Rollright Stones

Another excursion this evening took me back to Rollright and the stone circle there.

Slowly beginning to get the hang of the new lens I think; manual focus with relatively wide apertures means focus stacking, as well as exposure blending for dynamic range.

For this shot I took three exposures which were all blended together in Photoshop.  The first two frames were the same exposures with different focus points: the front of the stones and the trees, and auto-blended together using the stacking feature of Photoshop.

Then a third frame with a different exposure, focused on the trees, was manually blended in for the sky using a luminosity mask.

Photoshop tends to do a reasonable job of the focus stacking (something I’ve done quite a bit of with macro); the luminosity blend for the sky can be a bit hit and miss because it’s done by manually painting over a mask.

I think I also adjusted the colour balance to taste once the frames were blended.




Nikon D800E/Carl Zeiss distagon T* 2.8/21 ZF.2

2 frames @ ISO 100 1/15 f/7.1

+ 1 @ ISO 100 1/100 f/7.1


Oxfordshire isn’t known for its wild landscapes, so this is about as wild as it gets!  Derbyshire and Scotland are much more exciting 😉


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