More Hairstreak Hunting, plus other goodies

Into August now, and in Oxfordshire that means looking for Brown Hairstreaks.  These were reported as flying on the first day of the month, and are always one of my target butterflies of the year, since they are very elusive and very handsome.  Sadly I have only ever seen two before, and none last year (though I believe the season was quite late then).

Armed with some info, I headed off down towards Oxford, or rather the general Otmoor area.  First of all I headed to the Roman Road path by the Otmoor RSPB carpark – there is an Ash master tree towards the end of this path, and one had been seen here a week earlier.  No luck for me on this occasion (I stayed for a couple of hours), but there were plenty of other goodies to look at and photograph, including dragonflies, orthoptera, flies, and other butterflies.

I managed to see two different species of Bush-Crickets on the same patch of vegetation (one of which I haven’t seen before), a handsome Southern Hawker dragonfly, and a pretty and large species of hoverfly (which I’ve identified as Volucella inanis).

The weather was warm, overcast, and still, so this was one of the rare occasions where I got to take shots of active insects with my tripod.

Roesel’s Bush-Cricket

Metrioptera roeselii


ISO 100 1/8 f/18


Dark Bush-Cricket

Pholidoptera griseoaptera

ISO 100 1/20 f/13


Southern Hawker

Aeshna cyanea

ISO 100 1/25 f/10

(I’ve also uploaded a full-size view of this shot on Flickr, which completely fills the screen on my 24 inch monitor, to show off the incredible detail the D800E can produce)


Volucella inanis


ISO 100 1/15 f/13



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