Hairstreak Happiness…

So, no luck at Otmoor, so off to Whitecross Green Wood 10 minutes around the Otmoor basin.  This is where I’d last seen this species, on August 8th 2011.

After a couple of walks back and forth, admiring the various odonata species buzzing around, I managed to glimpse a flutter at the top of a blackthorn bush in my target search area, and thankfully I got a few shots.

Not the most photogenic specimen, but my first ever sighting of a male (no orange visible on the upper side).  This is only 20 yards away from the previous sighting, showing how sedentary this species is, reliant on the same master-tree year after year.

I had two cameras with me for this outing today – the tripod-mounted D800E macro setup, and my D3S handheld.  After my previous Black Hairstreak outings I’d been minded to put the 1.7TC on my 300f/4 instead of the 1.4.  This was a good decision, because I managed to get shots that were a little closer, happy with the trade-off in terms of poorer autofocus.

This guy was 15 feet up at the top of the Blackthorn bush, so I’m very pleased with the view I got.  I may have more time to go back a little later on to see if I can find some roving females, which are if anything slightly brighter orange.  Hopefully one may dignify me with its presence a little lower!

Brown Hairstreak

Thecla betulae




Nkion D3S/300f4/1.7TC

ISO 2000 1/640 f/8 handheld

This is my final hairstreak species of the year, as the last to emerge.  I missed seeing Green Hairstreak in Britain this time around, and still have yet to see a White-Letter Hairstreak, so there’s always next year…



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