Chalkhill Blue revisited

This morning I’ve been playing around with Photoshop a bit, working to see if I can get my head around some basic luminosity masks.  These are generally used by landscape photographers, but I’m curious about what they can do for my macro.

So, I’ve decided to look again at the last Chalkhill Blue picture I posted.

First, here’s the original, which was left pretty much unprocessed, except for an application of a boost of midtones in levels up to 1.10 and an application of a simple linear contrast curve, and some smart sharpening after resizing (that’s my standard processing routine for shots I am happy with out of the camera).


Second, here’s the same shot but tweaked with some luminosity masking.


How did I acheive the difference?

I selected the dark tones in the image using an inverse selection of the light pixels selected in channels, and applied the following: a medium contrast curve, and -1 on the magenta-green slider across all tones in colour balance to reduce the green cast a tad in the butterfly.

I then also took the opportunity to lighten the whole image very slightly using curves and adding another round of linear contrast.

By grouping all these changes in Photoshop you can see the effect of your global changes straightaway, and then make individual adjustments.

The result looks sharper and more saturated, though I added no more sharpening or saturation.

Or perhaps you prefer the original version!!


2 thoughts on “Chalkhill Blue revisited

  1. I prefer the second version, it definitly sharper and with richer colors. OTOH, the eye has a more tridimensional feel in the original, perhaps it’s a tad dark in the the new version.

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