More butterflies

With the weather improving of late, time for some butterfly-hunting.

First of all, a quick visit to my local reserve at Hook Norton Cutting, to see if there were any blues flying.  Sadly none – a little depressing – the year is very late so far.  However, did manage to see Large White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, plus a variety of small moth species.

I then took the trip to Ivinghoe Beacon in another attempt to find Duke of Burgundy.  I’m happy to say that it was a success, with three seen!  It’s a shame the weather in May, and my time, was limited because further into June and they tend to look slightly more tatty and less fresh.  Anyhow, very good to get to see and photograph some!

Species seen at Ivinghoe: Orange Tip, Brimstone, Dingy Skipper (at least 3), Small Heath (at least 5), Duke of Burgundy (3, often seen in territorial squabbles with the Small Heaths), Large White, Brown Argus (the latter the first I’ve seen in the UK this year; STILL no Common Blues for my list this year!).  That takes my butterfly year-list to 30, 14 of which I’ve seen in the UK.

Here’s a shot of the Duke, posing aristocratically, and the Brown Argus.  Still looking for a Green Hairstreak to photograph!


Hamearis lucina

Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl/SB600+softbox

ISO 640 1/250 f/16 handheld (camera resting on knee)


Aricia agestis

Nikon D800E/200f4micro/cpl/SB600+softbox

ISO 640 1/320 f/16 handheld


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